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  • Cooley reviews coolest DAC freebies
  • Tensilica CEO Chris Rowen talks diamond cores
  • Analyst Gary Smith: What's hot at DAC
  • Sapatnekar highlights DAC technical program

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  • IC power standards efforts diverge
  • Multimedia to spur architectural renaissance
  • Agilent poised to acquire Xpedion
  • DAC keynoter: think of software as part of manufacturing
  • Synopsys in definitive agreement to acquire litho sim vendor
  • SystemC synthesis tool adds improved C++ support
  • CoWare releases SystemC modeling library source code
  • Synopsys donates SVA checkers to Accellera
  • Denali, Spirit Consortium in collaboration
  • IC designers share variability concerns, solutions
  • Details of ST's Nomadik processor disclosed
  • Leading EDA users cite nanometer IC challenges

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    EE Times:
    Japanese startup looks to exploit academic connections

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    EE Times

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