Technical Support of RFAnalog and RFIC for high frequency(up to Milli-wave Band, more than 40 years experience)

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    Start from Dry Cell and Miniature Bulb

    High-frequency mixed signal LSI technology

  • RF design practical traning/RF technology Consulting/RF Circuit design
  • RF Electro-magnetic Analysis/RF PCB design & Test

  • RFAnalog Turn-key design
    RFAnalog IC design development(CMOS, Bipolar)1GHZ〜25GHZ TEG developent

  • Cellular Phone/PHS/WLAN802.11a,b,g RF-Transceiver design & Consulting

  • UHF(950MHz Band)、Microwave(2.45GHz Band) RFID IC-tag &Small size Reader design & Consulting
    !! Welcome to Ubiquitous RFAnalog Laboratories !!
  • Co-operate development of Ubiquitous mobile communication system LSI(Japan Patent No.4234540) and RF-Transceiver for a Multi-mode terminal & Ubiquitous mobile communication tools.
  • Next Generation WLAN IEEE802.11n RF-Transceiver LSI Design Consulting
  • Started Milli-wave Band RF CMOS circuit design technical support; 60GHz Band LNA, Mixer, VCO, DFlip-Fop(Master-Slave) Circuit Example support.

  • (Microwave & Milli-wave)RF-analog・High speed digital・Electro-Magnetics
     Mixed-Signal Analysis


    Ubiquitous mobile tele-communication

      RF Micro-computor、Ubiquitous mobile communication Syatem LSIs; Wireless data tele-communication using RF system LSI

  • RF-Micom(Patent application No.:2002-349077) Opened:May 27, 2004
     On going

  • Ubiquitous mobile tele-communication system LSI(Patent application No.:2003-309387) Opened:Feb. 24, 2005
     2008-12-19 Patent No. 4243540


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